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OJSC “Ust-Luga Oil” Terminal has opened its doors to children

OJSC “Ust-Luga Oil” Terminal has opened its doors to children

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Children at the age of 4.5 to 13 years oldaccompanied by adults participated in the event, they were brought from Kingisepp and Saint-Petersburg on comfortable buses.

On arrival to the Terminal, specialists of the labor safety, industrial safety and civil defense and emergency department have given safety instructions to the guests explaining that the Terminal is a facility of an increased danger and it is very important to keep strictly to established rules,whereafter participants went for a tour.

Deputy Head of the Commodity Service Igor Krivionok explained the purpose of the Railway Facilities in accessible for children terms, showed the territory of the shore tank farm for storage of light oil and black oil products. Young participants of the excursion saw the process of oil product loading onto a tanker at the Berth No. 1 and of oil – at the Berth No.4 (“Nevskaya Pipe Company” LLC).

The brightest impressions appeared due to the visit of the Fire Depot – Fire Department -75: children could sit in the cabin of the fire engine; tryfire helmets on, watch the rainbow appearing during throwing water out of the fire hose.

At the end of the eventful day, our guests were invited for lunch at the company’s canteen where a three course meal was served for them – a few options of such a lunch are offered to our employees on a daily basis. After lunch, satiated and happy, they went to share their impressions on the day with their families.

Director General of the company Konstantin Khamlay has expressed his gratitude to all participants of the excursion:

“We were pleased to receive the younger generation at the Terminal. It is symbolic that this meeting was held exactly on the 1st of June – the Children’s Day. It should be noted that such events are especially precious since they help the coming closer together of parents and children. It’s twice more pleasant that our invitation was taken with a great interest as this means that children are interested in activities of their relatives and we are happy to support this. Perhaps, some of them might be interested in what they have seen, and this might influence the future choice of their profession and we will have the whole production dynasties, taking into account that grandchildren of our employees were also present among the guests!
We would like to thank participants of the tour and we promise to receive all those who would like to visit again.”

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