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Fire Safety

To ensure fire and explosion safety of its facilities, the Company has adopted the necessary engineering solutions and carries out the following organizational and technical activities:

  • the industrial facilities are equipped with automatic and automated foam fire-extinguishing systems, water cooling (spraying) systems, an automatic fire alarm system, manual fire alarms, fire hydrants and manifolds installed on fire mains, fire water storage tanks, a pumping station for fire water supply;
  • stationary devices are used that unsure grounding of buildings and structures, process equipment, pipelines and metal structures;
  • a strict control is exercised to check the compliance of motor vehicles entering the territory with the fire safety requirements;
  • compliance with the fire and explosion safety rules, the rules for production of fire, gas hazardous and other dangerous operations is being monitored;
  • explosion-proof electrical equipment is used;
  • the Company ensures the maintenance and compliance with the operating rules of electric equipment, lightning protection devices and means of protection against static electricity;
  • alarms and locks are constantly maintained in good working order.

The Terminal’s territory includes a 2-story fire station designed for parking 6 fire-fighting vehicles and for simultaneous presence of an on-duty fire brigade of up to 20 people.

For fire protection of its facilities, Ust-Luga Oil, JSC cooperates with the contractual unit of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Leningrad Region, the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Unit No. 75 of the Federal Budgetary Institution “The 2nd Brigade of the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Units of the State Fire-Fighting Service for the Leningrad Region (Contractual)”. The emergency response team of the fire-fighting brigade has 5 fire-fighting vehicles: 3 fire bluster tank trucks (two trucks with a capacity of 8 tons of water, and one 5-ton truck), 1 foam-extinguishing vehicle (8 tons of foaming agent), 1 foam tower.