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Technology and power
Technology and power

Thermal Oil Boiler House

To maintain the proper quality of the ongoing activities, it is very important to provide the main process with thermal energy. To solve this problem, a thermal oil boiler house has been built and operates at the Terminal.

The 120 MW automated thermal oil boiler house has no analog in Russian in terms of is power.

The process of fuel oil heating and discharge is autonomous, with the delivery of the finished heated products to the jetty’s pressure manifold and with subsequent pumping into a VST (vertical steel tank).

The discharge manifold initially contains a start-up reserve of fuel oil heated up to 55–60 °C. After connecting a wagon tank to the lower discharge device (hereinafter referred to as the LDD), setting the parameters of the pumping line and switching on the pump, fuel oil from the discharge manifold flows into the heat-exchange apparatus. Then, it is additionally heated and, through a pressure recirculation manifold, is delivered to the LDD jet monitor and to the check valve that maintains the fuel oil temperature in the intake line of the pumping unit.

Under the effect of the hot fuel oil pressure, the sections of telescopic jet monitors are pulled into the boilers of tank wagons, and the washout heads, installed on the extreme sections, are introduced into the mass of fuel oil to be discharged.

The operating pump, via the washout heads’ nozzles, delivers the jets of hot fuel oil into the boilers of tank wagons under pressure; the hot fuel oil is intensively mixed with cold fuel oil that is present in the boiler, and heats the latter.

The heated fuel oil is delivered from wagon tanks, through circular channels of LDD sections, into the discharge manifold and then to the pump. Here, the circulation heating cycle is closed.

As the fuel oil is heated, it is pumped out into the tank farm. The rated temperature of the fuel oil bulk to be discharged, at the moment of its delivery to the storage tank farm after heating, is 45–50 ℃.