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Occupational Safety


One of the main priorities of the Company’s policy in the field of occupational safety is protection of its employees’ life and health, and ensuring safe working conditions.

To carry out the tasks faced by the Company, a system of OSH management has been created, and a Regulation on the OSH Management System has been developed.

In accordance with the above documents, in order to implement the Company’s Policy in the Field of Occupational Safety, the following activities are carried out:

  • the Company accepts for execution and implements federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of occupational safety, as well as programs aimed at improving the working conditions and labor protection;
  • the Company ensures its employees’ protection against injuries and occupational diseases by creating healthy and safe labor conditions at their workplaces;
  • measures are being taken to improve the working conditions and to prevent industrial accidents and occupational diseases;
  • the employees are provided with sanitary amenities and therapeutic and preventive health care services;
  • permits to work are granted to persons who meet the relevant qualification requirements and have no medical contraindications for health reasons;
  • the employees are provided with special clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment in accordance with established norms and working conditions; the availability and correct use of individual and collective protection equipment by employees are being controlled;
  • the Company provides special assessment of working conditions at workplaces;
  • compensations are paid for hard work and for work in harmful or dangerous conditions that are unavoidable at the modern technical level of production and labor management;
  • an effective control of compliance with labor protection requirements is carried out at Ust-Luga Oil, JSC’s facilities;
  • the Company ensures investigation of occupational accidents and diseases;
  • the legal interests of employees who suffered from occupational accidents and diseases are protected on the basis of mandatory social insurance of employees against occupational accidents and diseases;
  • the Company provides funding for activities aimed at creating a healthy and safe working environment;
  • the Company ensures training and advanced training of OHS officers;
  • new means of individual and collective protection of employees are introduced in the production process;
  • advanced organizational and technical solutions are used to provide proper conditions for occupational safety.